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Missing Puzzles Solved


The Microsoft Store problem affecting purchases appears to be solved, just in time for the weekend puzzle relaxation.

Missing Puzzles


Dear players,

In the last few days we noticed some issues related to purchases our games. These issues appear to be caused by Microsoft Store. These issues manifest in two ways:

  1. If you have purchased puzzles in the past, some of those puzzles appear to be missing
  2. Without purchasing a subscription, a Premium subscription appears to be active

These issues are caused by Microsoft Store and appear to be affecting only some Windows 11 users. These issues are temporary and appear to be caused by a faulty Windows Update.

To solve these problems follow these instructions:

  1. Install any pending Windows Updates
  2. Restart your computer and try again

Thank you for your patience!

New Puzzles: Autumn Adventures


We have just release a new puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy (external) called Autumn Adventures.

Autumn Adventures

Fall in love with autumn with this jigsaw puzzle pack. Each puzzle captures a different aspect of this magical season, from colorful landscapes and hiking trails to canoeing and enjoying nature.

Download Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy (external) and start playing right away!

New Puzzles: Singapore


We have just release a new puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Journey (external) called Singapore.


Singapore is a city of skyscrapers and landmarks. In this jigsaw puzzle pack, you can see the Gardens by the Bay, the Cloud Forest, the Singapore Flyer, the Merlion Park, and the Sands Skypark Observation Deck. You will enjoy the colorful and diverse puzzles of Singapore’s most iconic sights.

Download Jigsaw Puzzle Journey (external) and start playing right away!

New Puzzles: Autumn Splendor


We have just release a new puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Nature (external) called Autumn Splendor.

Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor is a collection of jigsaw puzzles that celebrate the beauty and diversity of the fall season. You can enjoy stunning images of nature, such as lakes, mountains, forests, and waterfalls, all in vibrant autumn colors. Whether you are looking for a relaxing activity or a challenging brain teaser, Autumn Splendor has something for you.

Download Jigsaw Puzzle Nature (external) and start playing right away!

Release 2.3.910.0



Added POD trial


- Added icons to the subscription plans on the account page

- Added notification when the edge is completed

- Added review form for completed puzzles

- Added Exclusive Deal to product page

- Added Home page shortcut to the navigation bar

- Added Premium trial shortcut from POD

- Added players review to the product page

- Fix: currency purchase

- Fix: exclusive deal and sale should be unique

- Fix: tap animations on puzzles, packs and products

- Fix: unlock recommendation for 0 crowns

- Fix: added original product labels to the Product page

- Fix: pick avatar shortcut from POD

- Fix: history card height on Today page

- Fix: craving something new card icon should the match the store icon

- Fix: POD result indicator not displayed after finishing a game

- Fix: contact order based on the number of followers

- Fix: removed sign in card when pack is completed

- Fix: featured product should be different that the discount product

Unit tests: 712

UI tests: 35

Release 2.3.920.0



Currencies on the navigation bar, Solve streak notification


- Purchase currency from navigation bar

- Added Solve Streaks notifications

- Added gems and crowns to navigation bar

- Search in puzzles location

- Change Play button to Replay and change background color when playing for the second time

- Added Exclusive deal on start page when available

- Added the free puzzles as search results for the term free

- Fix: New label on POD afer completing POD

- Fix: Sign in on pack should show account prompt instead of navigating to account

- Fix: Start trial should not close the Premium dialog

- Fix: scroll article into view when navigating to the help page from search

- Fix: puzzle pack purchase dialog should purchase without closing the dialog

- Fix: ccquire gems when not enough for unlocking avatar

- Fix: Unlock puzzles change do Unlock for acquire crowns dialog

- Fix: Hide ambiance toggle when the game does play the ambiance sound

- Fix: Search articles placeholder on the help page

- Fix: Change the background color of the tool count when empty

Unit tests: 711

UI tests: 35

Release 2.3.900.0



Fix subscription reporting


- Fix subscription tracking

- Fix onboarding crash

- Removed top puzzles from Popularity and Release date sorting

- Updated icon font to Segoe Fluent Icons

- Increased competition cost

Unit tests: 686

UI tests: 35

Release 2.3.810.0



Refactor the game navigation


- Increased the opacity of the Peek inline controls

- Improved game search

- Improved packs ordering

- Removed puzzle explanation and get more puzzles CTA

- Fixed Peek inline controls not working during tutorial

- Fixed account menu after interacting with an item

- Fixed products banner for Premium users

Unit tests: 686

UI tests: 35

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