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New Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy Pack: Autumn Adventures


We have just release a new puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy called Autumn Adventures.

Autumn Adventures

Fall in love with autumn with this jigsaw puzzle pack. Each puzzle captures a different aspect of this magical season, from colorful landscapes and hiking trails to canoeing and enjoying nature.

Download Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy and start playing right away!

New Jigsaw Puzzle Journey Pack: Singapore


We have just release a new puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Journey called Singapore.


Singapore is a city of skyscrapers and landmarks. In this jigsaw puzzle pack, you can see the Gardens by the Bay, the Cloud Forest, the Singapore Flyer, the Merlion Park, and the Sands Skypark Observation Deck. You will enjoy the colorful and diverse puzzles of Singapore’s most iconic sights.

Download Jigsaw Puzzle Journey and start playing right away!

New Jigsaw Puzzle Nature Pack: Autumn Splendor


We have just release a new puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Nature called Autumn Splendor.

Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor is a collection of jigsaw puzzles that celebrate the beauty and diversity of the fall season. You can enjoy stunning images of nature, such as lakes, mountains, forests, and waterfalls, all in vibrant autumn colors. Whether you are looking for a relaxing activity or a challenging brain teaser, Autumn Splendor has something for you.

Download Jigsaw Puzzle Nature and start playing right away!

Release 2.3.910.0



Added POD trial


- Added icons to the subscription plans on the account page

- Added notification when the edge is completed

- Added review form for completed puzzles

- Added Exclusive Deal to product page

- Added Home page shortcut to the navigation bar

- Added Premium trial shortcut from POD

- Added players review to the product page

- Fix: currency purchase

- Fix: exclusive deal and sale should be unique

- Fix: tap animations on puzzles, packs and products

- Fix: unlock recommendation for 0 crowns

- Fix: added original product labels to the Product page

- Fix: pick avatar shortcut from POD

- Fix: history card height on Today page

- Fix: craving something new card icon should the match the store icon

- Fix: POD result indicator not displayed after finishing a game

- Fix: contact order based on the number of followers

- Fix: removed sign in card when pack is completed

- Fix: featured product should be different that the discount product

Unit tests: 712

UI tests: 35

Release 2.3.900.0



Fix subscription reporting


- Fix subscription tracking

- Fix onboarding crash

- Removed top puzzles from Popularity and Release date sorting

- Updated icon font to Segoe Fluent Icons

- Increased competition cost

Unit tests: 686

UI tests: 35

Release 2.3.810.0



Refactor the game navigation


- Increased the opacity of the Peek inline controls

- Improved game search

- Improved packs ordering

- Removed puzzle explanation and get more puzzles CTA

- Fixed Peek inline controls not working during tutorial

- Fixed account menu after interacting with an item

- Fixed products banner for Premium users

Unit tests: 686

UI tests: 35

Release 2.3.800.0



Added packs grouping, products sorting along and new content and fixes to Mahjong Zen.


- When a game round is in progress, even if not finished, should make the entire pack status change to In Progress

- Peek size can be changed between a standard size and a large size

- New product badges added to the store page: Popular, New and Sale

- The Puzzle of the Day results are fetched for the current difficulty even if the game is not finished

- The webside landing page for each game has been updated to use the game icon

- The other game card background has been updated to reflect the accent color of each game

- Sorting for sale page products

- Points rewards update: you earn a First Time Bonus when you solve a puzzle for the first time, solving the puzzle again is rewarded with less coins

- When opening the Premium dialog from the Try It Free for premium difficulty, the 400 pieces feature is the first feature displayed in the Premium dialog

- Added grouping to packs

- Pressing Enter in the password field triggers the Sign in or Create account

- Fix back navigation to top product

- Fix for clicking on the edge of pieces in Mahjong Zen

- Added new bundles to Mahjong Zen: Zen Bundle, Nature Bundle, Cosmic Bundle, Spiritual Bundle, Adventure Bundle.

Unit tests: 651

UI tests: 35

Release 2.3.710.0



Make UI changes to the gameplay and the interface that the user notices.


All games

- Pack empty slot that navigates to store

- Updated store descriptions

- Fixed incorrect statistics

- Fixed website broken links

- Added view order history help article

- Pulsate LIVE dot on Game of the Day

Puzzle games

- Premium difficulty entry point in customize game picker

- Close preview inline button

Unit tests: 620

UI tests: 35

Release 2.3.700.0



This release introduced a new ad provider for Frenzy Games and improves the stability of the games by fixing several crashes.


All games

- Fix for the store tab being displayed for Premium users

- Fix for the featured product being displayed for Premium users

- Triggering purchase directly from product ad page

- Added price to product ad summary

- Adding icons to settings and contact tab in the settings popup

- Displayed only top 3 other games on the products page

- Fixes for scroll to product on back navigation

- Potential fix for Lucky Wheel crash

- Potential fix for Daily Bonus crash

- Sign in POD layout improvements

Puzzle games

- Fix for move tutorial step

- Removed back navigation when dismissing next game picker

Hidden Word Search

- Updating MyPuzzles header on statistics page

- Hide premium images from redeem card for HWS

Mahjong Zen

- Updating MyPuzzles header on statistics page

- Fixes for MAH POD confirmation

- Changed Puzzle of the Day cost participation from flat to incremental

Unit tests: 584

UI tests: 34

New puzzle packs


Frenzy Games launches three new puzzle packs for its jigsaw puzzle games

Frenzy Games, the company behind several popular jigsaw puzzle games, has launched three new puzzle packs for its fans. The puzzle packs are available for Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy, Jigsaw Puzzle Nature and Jigsaw Puzzle Journey, which are all free to download on the Microsoft Store.

Wildlife Wonders

Wildlife Wonders

The first puzzle pack is called Wildlife Wonders and it features 25 stunning puzzles of animals in their natural habitats. From lions and elephants to pandas and penguins, this pack will challenge and delight animal lovers of all ages. Wildlife Wonders is available for Jigsaw Puzzle Nature, a game that contains over 50 puzzle packs of landscapes, plants and animals.

Bali Bliss

Bali Bliss

The second puzzle pack is called Bali Bliss and it showcases the beauty and culture of Bali, Indonesia. This pack includes 25 puzzles of temples, beaches, rice fields and more. Bali Bliss is available for Jigsaw Puzzle Journey, a game that lets you travel the world through puzzles of landmarks, architecture and scenery.



The third puzzle pack is called Barcelona and it celebrates the vibrant and artistic city of Barcelona, Spain. This pack contains 25 puzzles of famous attractions, such as Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and Casa Batllo. Barcelona is available for Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy, a game thathelps you keep your mind sharp by solving jigsaw puzzles.

Frenzy Games said that it created these puzzle packs to provide more variety and fun for its players. It also said that it plans to release more puzzle packs in the future for its games. It thanked its fans for their support and feedback and invited them to try out its new puzzle packs.

Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy, Jigsaw Puzzle Nature and Jigsaw Puzzle Journey are all free to download on the Microsoft Store. They are compatible with Windows devices and they offer different difficulty modes to suit different skill levels. They also have a community of 30,000 players who can share their progress and achievements with each other.

If you love solving jigsaw puzzles and keeping your mind sharp, you should check out these games by Frenzy Games. You will not be disappointed by the quality and variety of the puzzles they offer.

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