Mahjong Zen

Mahjong Zen is a classic tile matching game.

Mahjong Zen is your oasis of relaxation and calm. Solve over 1200 Mahjong boards with handcrafted elaborate designs. Mahjong Zen is perfect for clearing your mind and improving your focus.

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What players are saying about Mahjong Zen

The Eyes Have It by Marilyn


My eyeballs are getting a good workout, over and under, around and through.

Great game by Tina


I like this game so far. It has several boards you can access for free and the game play is relaxing and fun. If you like matching games like I do then this one is worth trying out.

Mahjong Zen has great options! by LESLIE


Not only does Mahjong Zen offer a variety of formats & timing, yet not time you out, but also lets the user choose from a number of tiles to play, allowing the gamer to continually increase their abilities

Give This Game A Try, One of the Best. by Anonymous


Brilliant. Very Well Thought Out And Designed.. Easy on the Eyes!



I needed this game, it gives me a chance to put all my worries away 🤣, relax. It has a level of challenges that allow me to settle down & simply have fun. I love that it has choices that allow me to not be stressed, just having a good time!!!👏👏👏😜

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(4.5/5 from 674+ users)

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