Jigsaw Puzzle Nature

Discover the wonders of nature by solving jigsaw puzzles!

Be inspired and renewed by breathtaking views of lakes, mountains, forests in all their splendor.

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Configure Your Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature can be played in several difficulty modes. Before starting a puzzle, pick the number of pieces.

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature: screenshot of the number of pieces in the puzzle picker

Large Puzzle Library

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature contains over 1200 puzzles containing diverse images

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature: screenshot of the puzzle library.

Tools to Help You Solve Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature contains tools that help you solve the puzzles faster

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature: screenshot of the tools that can be used for solving puzzles.

Participate in Competitions

Earn crowns by playing Puzzle of the Day. The faster you solve the puzzle, the higher the score.

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature: screenshot of the Puzzle of the Day competition

A New Puzzle Every Day

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature contains a free puzzle every day

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature: screenshot of a free puzzle image

What players are saying about Jigsaw Puzzle Nature

Highly recommend this game by DesertQueen29


I just downloaded the Jigsaw puzzle game. The colors are bright and clear. You even get to pick your puzzle and they are very vibrant. and beautiful. I would definitely recommend it

Fun and challenging by Randy


These puzzles are a lot of fun and challenging without being overwhelming. I do a lot o the 300 piece puzzles

Beautiful Photographs, Fun Puzzles by BracingBeret37


I really like these puzzles. The pictures are beautiful and the puzzles are doable in a reasonable amount of time. Just downloaded another puzzle game by this same author. Looking forward to explore those next.

Stunning and fun! by Siyo631902


I love the beautiful pictures. It's very easy to use and you can choose the amount of pieces you want to put together. I a beginner but I am hooked on puzzles and I am sixty five yrs old.

Great Jigsaw puzzle by PlumGnu26081772


I like the colorful beaches. I also like there is not much competing, just leisurely putting the puzzle together. I liked the beginning instructions too. Most apps expect you to work it out by yourself. Being 83yrs old I just want to enjoy what apps I choose.

Fun for those seeking calm and relaxation by GrannyM81


I like the coloring and the ease with which the pieces interlock. Puzzling is relaxing and refreshing with a quality, beautiful puzzles like these

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(4.6/5 from 1,955+ users)

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