Jigsaw Puzzle Journey

Discover the world by solving jigsaw puzzles.

Explore over 70 countries renowned for landmarks, beautiful landscapes and delicious food.

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Configure Your Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle Journey can be played in several difficulty modes. Before starting a puzzle, pick the number of pieces.

Jigsaw Puzzle Journey: screenshot of the number of pieces in the puzzle picker

Large Puzzle Library

Jigsaw Puzzle Journey contains over 1750 puzzles containing diverse images

Jigsaw Puzzle Journey: screenshot of the puzzle library.

Tools to Help You Solve Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzle Journey contains tools that help you solve the puzzles faster

Jigsaw Puzzle Journey: screenshot of the tools that can be used for solving puzzles.

Participate in Competitions

Earn crowns by playing Puzzle of the Day. The faster you solve the puzzle, the higher the score.

Jigsaw Puzzle Journey: screenshot of the Puzzle of the Day competition

A New Puzzle Every Day

Jigsaw Puzzle Journey contains a free puzzle every day

Jigsaw Puzzle Journey: screenshot of a free puzzle image

What players are saying about Jigsaw Puzzle Journey

Just Discovered these Amazing Picture Puzzles! by Dorothy


So many different sets of phenomenal pictures. I especially love the myriad of outdoor scenes! Thank you for the many hours of pleasure ahead as I have the fun of deciding which of the many gorgeous and interesting pictures to put together!

Puzzles That Challenge by lilbear35438115


I have enjoyed these puzzles that travel through the world of puzzle sets. Beautiful photos! Multiple sizes that offer an individualized challenge.

Calm your mind by Beatrice


I love the puzzles. they are just like the ones you put together manually. They calm your mind.

I love the puzzles from all around the world!! by Bruce


I the puzzles and variety. It's aptly named jigsaw journey. With beautiful puzzles from all over the world. It really is a jigsaw journey!!

My Favorite by Camstar26


This is my favorite jigsaw puzzle game by far. I like that I can separate the edges from the rest of the pieces and put the borders together first. Then all the puzzle pieces are on the board and I don't have to scroll through them constantly, just separate by color or item, whatever caught my eye in the preview. So much easier to put the puzzles together.

Unwind with a puzzle by Harlow Kay7777


I fine puzzles to be refreshing. The locations are beautiful, the colors are vibrant and any stress just melts away. When I see the finished product I feel very satisfied and refreshed from my work day.

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(4.6/5 from 2,397+ users)

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