Frenzy Games Account and Microsoft Account

Author: Mihai, last modified: 03/02/2022

There are two types of accounts used in the game, each for a different purpose.

Microsoft Account

Your Microsoft Account is used for purchasing puzzles. Purchases are safely handled by Microsoft.

This account is the same account you log into Windows. It is important to use the same Microsoft Account if you get a new computer so that all your purchases you perform on the old computer will be available on the new computer.

If you forgot the password to your Microsoft Account you can reset it following these instructions.

Frenzy Games Account

The Frenzy Games Account is used for participating in the daily competition and for unlocking puzzles using crowns. You can create a Frenzy Games Account in any of our games. You can customize your account with an avatar, country and username. Having an account allows you to participate in the daily competitions. The puzzles unlocked with crowns are linked to your Frenzy Games Account.

If you forgot the password to your Frenzy Games Account you can reset it in the game.