Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy

Solve jigsaw puzzles to keep your mind sharp!

Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy features carefully selected puzzles of landmarks, architecture, landscapes, plants and animals. A community of 30.000 players participate in the Puzzle of the Day Competition and play over 1000+ jigsaw puzzles at their own pace.

Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy

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Jigsaw Puzzle Journey

Discover the world solving puzzles!

Explore over 30 countries renowned for their famous landmarks, beautiful landscapes and delicious food. The puzzles capture the distinctive culture and the uniqueness of each country. All images are high resolution to make the puzzles ideal for solving on tablets, laptops and PCs. If you are passionate about travel and jigsaw puzzles, join our vibrant community and share your thoughts, favorite destinations and travel adventures.

Jigsaw Journey

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Jigsaw Nature Puzzles

Experience tranquility solving jigsaw puzzles!

Admire the beauty of nature with this feel-good collection of over 700 puzzles. You will be inspired and renewed by calm scenery of lakes, breathtaking views of mountains, spectacular sunsets and sunrises, translucent morning dew and much more.  Each hand-picked puzzle helps you rediscover nature in its pristine state.