Frenzy Games: Relaxing Puzzle Games for Windows

Our puzzles are handcrafted and designed for relaxation. Enjoy thousands of puzzles ideal for your daily relaxation. The puzzles are free to play. For passionate players we offer a wide selection of premium puzzles. Download our puzzle games from the Microsoft Store and start playing right away!

Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy Logo

Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy

Keep your brain sharp by solving jigsaw puzzles. The game contains stunning puzzles of landmarks, architecture, landscapes, plants and animals.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Journey Logo

Jigsaw Puzzle Journey

Discover the world by solving jigsaw puzzles. Explore over 60 countries renowned for landmarks, beautiful landscapes and delicious food. The high resolution images capture the culture and the uniqueness of each country.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Nature Logo

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature

Experience natural tranquility by solving jigsaw puzzles. Be inspired and renewed by breathtaking views of lakes, mountains, forests in all their splendor.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Kids Logo

Jigsaw Puzzle Kids

Introduce your child to the wonderful world of puzzles! The game contains puzzle of funny and interesting subjects that will develop your child’s focus. The joyful background music creates an immersive experience that will keep your child engaged.

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Mahjong Zen Logo

Mahjong Zen

Mahjong Zen is a classic tile matching game. The game is your oasis of relaxation and calm. Solve over 1200 Mahjong boards with handcrafted elaborate designs. The game is perfect for clearing your mind and improving your focus.

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Hidden Words Search Logo

Hidden Words Search

Find the hidden words! Build your vocabulary and enjoy finding all the hidden words.