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Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy

Keep your mind sharp by solving jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a proven way to keep your brain active. The game contains 1800 stunning jigsaw puzzles and thrilling daily competitions.


Amazing Puzzle Solving Experience

Screenshot of an almost finished puzzle depicting some delicious pasteries

Configure Your Puzzle

Puzzles can be played in any difficulty mode. Before starting a puzzle, pick the number of pieces.

Screenshot of the number of pieces in the puzzle picker

A New Puzzle Every Day

Every day you get access to a free new puzzle

Screenshot of a free puzzle image

Tools to Help You Solve Puzzles

The buttons on the right side of the board help you solve the puzzle faster

Screenshot of the tools that can be used for solving puzzles.

Save Your Progress & Play Later

You can save the game and pick up where you left at a later time. You’ll find the pieces in the exact same position where you left them.

Screenshot of a puzzle being saved.

Participate in Competitions

Earn crowns by playing Puzzle of the Day. The faster you solve the puzzle, the higher the score.

Screenshot of the Puzzle of the Day competition

What players are saying

Awesome, by Susan. Five stars. Love the puzzles they are so beautiful and they help with stress. Best game ever. A stress free game. Jigsaw Puzzle Review. Five stars. I always do this first thing in the morning with my second cup of coffee. It makes my brain work and I love all the different pictures. I do the 100 piece puzzle with the 32 inch monitor becuase the smaller pieces are harder to see. Old eyes you know. Great puzzling, by Deborah. Five stars. Especially love the daily puzzle. Great site! Relaxing and fun. Five stars. I'm 40 years old and I absolutely love this puzzle app. There is a new free puzzle to complete every day. It is easy to use, fun and relaxing. One of the best jigsaw puzzle games in the Microsoft Store. Five stars. Really relaxing and very nicely designed jigsaw puzzle game. Challenging puzzles and verify configurable. The best in the Microsoft Store in my opinion.

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(4.4/5 from 16,029+ users)


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