How to Play Puzzle for Free

Author: Mihai, last modified: 04/01/2024

The game contains 75 puzzles that can be played in any difficulty mode, as many times as you want.

Ad Sponsored Puzzle of the Day

Every day we offer a unique Puzzle of the Day that can be played after watching a short video ad. After watching the video ad, you gain access to the puzzle.

If you want to play Puzzle of the Day without having to watch ads you can purchase a Remove ads subscription or a Premium subscription.

Paid Puzzle Packs

We offer several puzzle packs for sale in the Store. A pack contains 25 puzzles. Once you purchase a puzzle pack you can customize the puzzles and you can play them anytime you want.

Premium Subscription

For dedicated user that want to play our entire puzzle library we offer Premium subscriptions. We offer two types of subscriptions: a monthly subscription and a yearly subscription.

Purchasing a Premium subscription also removes all ads from the game.

Unlock Puzzle Packs with Crowns

Crowns are rewards you get in the game. Crowns are used for unlocking puzzles.

Purchase Rules

Any purchased puzzle pack can be played even if you reinstall the game, or if you change your computer. Remember to login with the same Microsoft account that you used for performing the purchase and you will be able to play all the puzzles you paid for.

Subscription Rules

A subscription will start and renew automatically, and will be charged to your Microsoft account. You can manage your subscription in your Microsoft account settings. If the subscription includes a free trial period, you will not be charged during your free trial period. When the free trial concludes, your subscription will start and renew automatically, and will be charged to your Microsoft Account. To avoid being charged after the free trial, you must cancel the subscription before the trial expires. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription.