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Competition Changes, Faster loading time, Ambience sounds

Dear friends,
Based on your feedback we made several changes to the games that I want to share with you.

Competition rank based on time

I heard on several occasions from you that the points score system was at times confusing and hard to understand. That is why, starting earlier this week the competition is based only on the time it takes to finish the puzzle. The faster you solve the puzzle the higher you will be placed in the leaderboard.
Q: Have you tried the new competition? What do you think about the new score system?

More details about players

We added the ability to see for how long a player has been playing the game. Move the mouse over a player to reveal more information about them. I already heard great feedback about this small hidden feature which makes me super happy.
Q: What other information would you like to see about other players?

Faster loading time

Following several reports from you we found some performance issue in the game that were fixed. As a result the game starts about 3 seconds faster and it navigates faster between pages.
Our goal is to make the games available to a wide audience without sacrificing features or performance.
All our games support players using Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or later.
That version of Windows was first previewed in April 2017 and since then Microsoft has releases 5 new versions of Windows 10. We know that some of our fans are using the old versions of Windows 10 for various reasons (either they don’t want to update, don’t know how to update, or their computer does not support the latest Windows 10 versions) and that is why all our games support old versions of Windows 10.
Q: What computer are you using? Tell me about your experience playing our games on your PC or laptop.

Monthly game updates

In the past years we released frequent small updates to the games. For example in 2019 we released over 200 updates. This strategy has worked well for us in the past because it allowed us to quickly fix bugs and to respond to user feature requests in a timely manner. However, doing frequent releases consumes time and it often leads to releasing unfinished features and bugs.
To make better use of our time we decided to switch to a monthly release cycle. What this means is that instead of receiving game updates very frequently (sometimes every week or every few days), you will instead get a single update once per month. The monthly release however will contain finished and polished features and less bugs. Thanks to the less frequent releases we have time to test everything well before releasing game updates.

Ambiance sounds

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature now contains a hidden feature that took months to get right. When you play puzzles in Leaves, Forest or Rainforest pack you will get to experience the southing sounds of the forest. The sounds were recorded by my mother that lives in Romania (a small country in Southeastern Europe). She is an avid puzzle player and she was super happy to hear the sounds that she recorded in the game. I hope you will enjoy them too.
Q: What do you think about the new ambiance sounds in Jigsaw Puzzle Nature? What other packs would you like to have ambience sounds?

New puzzles

Inspired by the addictive Tiger King series on Netflix we released Big Cats puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Nature.
In Jigsaw Puzzle Journey we added Bolivia puzzle pack and in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy we added Worldwide Recipes puzzle pack. The packs are available for purchase in the Puzzle Store and included in the Premium subscription.
Q: What other puzzles would you like to play next?

Pause to save

After countless requests we modified the way the games are saved. We know that solving a complex puzzle takes time and that often something else has to be taken care of while solving a puzzle (answering the door, answering a phone call etc.). To save the puzzle you just need to pause it. The game timer will be paused and the game will be saved on the disk. Even if you decide to turn off the computer after you pause the game, the puzzle will be saved and you can continue solving it later.

There are many more small features to talk about, but I’ll stop here for now.
Time for a coffee and a puzzle 🙂

Have a great weekend!