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5 Secrets to Win More Crowns

Do you enjoy our games so much that you would like to gain access to more puzzles, and also get a good deal out of it? Then you’ll be interested to learn a few tricks of how to do that by using crowns. In this article, you’ll find out a few ways to earn crowns that you can use to unlock more puzzle packs for free.

Unlock with crowns Harvest puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy

By now, you may have noticed that a number of crowns shows up whenever you check your game account. The quantity of crowns is important if your goal is to get more puzzles and save money in the process. Have you accumulated at least 20 crowns? Then you can go in the Store of any of our 5 games: Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy, Jigsaw Puzzle Journey, Jigsaw Puzzle Nature, Jigsaw Puzzle Kids and Hexa Word Search and trade your crowns for a new puzzle pack. Fresh Flowers puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy is a good candidate for example. With 20 crowns you can also purchase Fashion and Vacation pack in Hexa Word Search. The bottom line is that if you want to unlock more puzzle packs on a budget, you should learn how to earn more crowns.

We have compiled 5 tips and tricks for you to increase your number of crowns. Master these, and you’ll soon build up your library of puzzles without having to allocate too much money.

1. Create a Game Account

Create a Game Account in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy to Earn 10 crowns

A game account enables you to save your points in the daily competition, and track your progress and the packs you own. On top of that, the first time you create an account with us, you receive a 10 crowns reward. That’s almost half of the amount of crowns you would need to unlock the most affordable puzzle pack in our jigsaw puzzle games or an entire puzzle pack in Hexa Word Search. It’s 10 crowns you get right off the bat, with just a few clicks.

Go ahead and set up your game account if you haven’t done it already, in three easy steps:

  1. Tap on the Game Account icon on the top right of your screen
  2. Fill it out with your info
  3. Click on Save

2. Personalize Your Game Account with Your Facebook Photo

Upload your Facebook picture to earn 5 crowns in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy

We encourage you to personalize your profile so that other players can get a better sense of who they are playing against in the Puzzle of the Day competition. To archive this, we enabled an easy way to set photo from your Facebook account. This will not only make you shine in the daily competition leaderboard, but it will also get you 5 more crowns in your game account.

Upload your photo in three easy steps:

  1. Tap on the Game Account icon on the top right;
  2. Click on Add Facebook photo.
  3. Sign in your Facebook account or connect instantly if you’re already logged in.

And voila! You collect 5 more crowns with little to no effort.

Please note that we don’t collect any personal information, communications and other information you provide on your Facebook account.

3. Get the Best Score in the ‘Puzzle of the Day’ Competition

Get in the top 3 in the Puzzle of the Day competition to earn crowns

Each day we offer a new, free puzzle that you can choose to play in different modes of difficulty. If you get a high score and stay in the top three of the competition until the end of the day, you can earn 1 more crown. That’s 1 crown you can win on a daily basis!

The number of points you can get in the daily challenge increases in direct proportion with the number of jigsaw pieces you choose to solve the puzzle. In other words, you get more points if you choose to solve the Puzzle of the Day with more pieces. Solve it in record time, and you’ll increase your chances to get in the top three of the daily competition.

Each daily competition finishes around midnight US Eastern time, 8 AM European time.

4. Solve the Puzzle of the Day in All Our Games

Get in the top 3 in the Puzzle of the Day competition to earn crowns

Crowns are transferable in 5 of our games: Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy, Jigsaw Puzzle Journey, Jigsaw Puzzle Nature, Jigsaw Puzzle Kids and Hexa Word Search. Simply put, the crowns you collect in each of these games will be saved and added to your game account. When you’re ready to buy with crowns, you can decide on a pack in any of these games.

The games that use crowns are also the ones that offer a Puzzle of the Day competition. That means that you can increase your chances of earning more crowns by solving the Puzzle of the Day in any of these 5 games. Choose the games and the difficulty modes where you think you are most likely to get ranked in the first 3 positions in the competition, and you can earn yourself extra crowns on a daily basis.

If you manage to get among the top 3 in the Puzzle of the Day competition in all our 5 games, that’s 5 crowns you can add daily!

5. Collect Crowns on Previous Purchases

When you purchase an individual puzzle pack with money, you get more than a puzzle pack. With each individual purchase, you add 3 more crowns to your piggy-bank. Look at it like your airline miles or travel points that eventually accumulate and get you something for free.

How Much You Can Get in Total

In the best case scenario, in 1 week you can earn at least 23 crowns – enough for you to get a new puzzle pack for free if you:

  1. Create a game account – 10 crowns
  2. Add a picture to your game account from your Facebook – 5 crowns
  3. Win all Puzzle of the Day Competitions, meaning rank in the top 3 in our five games – 5 crowns
  4. Have purchased a puzzle pack in any of our five games – 3 crowns

Now that you know how to earn crowns to unlock more free puzzles in our games, go try them out in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy, Jigsaw Puzzle Journey, Jigsaw Puzzle Nature, Jigsaw Puzzle Kids and Hexa Word Search.

Introducing Jigsaw Puzzle Nature

We are happy to invite you to try out our new puzzle game: Jigsaw Puzzle Nature. The game is for everyone who enjoys nature and looks for new ways to relax. Sit back and discover the amazing landscapes of mountains, golden deserts, spectacular sunsets, lush forests and much more in a collection of 600+ puzzles.

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature Free Jigsaw Puzzles

Why Jigsaw Puzzle Nature

The desire to be near nature has never been so ardent as in today’s world when more than half of the global population lives in cities, and stress has become a recurrent health problem. It is a well-known fact that exposure to nature, even viewing scenes of nature, reduces negative feelings such as stress, fear and anger, and influences our choices for a healthier lifestyle.

We are on a mission to bring you closer to the natural world and give you an opportunity to appreciate nature’s beauty and its calming effects. We believe that Jigsaw Puzzle Nature can help you reconnect with nature, relieve stress and improve your emotional well-being. By adding the uplifting experience of natural beauty, solving a puzzle becomes more relaxing and more enjoyable. Stunning natural wonders featured in the game will make you see nature with different eyes, and rethink your life within the context of the natural world – where everything is connected.

What Jigsaw Puzzle Nature Offers

The game offers 3 free puzzle packs that you can play anytime, in any difficulty mode, as many times you like. It also contains 17 puzzle packs available for purchase. The puzzles range from breathtaking landscapes of still lakes, and running rivers to spectacular scenes of fog, rainbows and underwater life.

Jigsaw Puzzle Nature Free Jigsaw Puzzles

As you probably know from our other puzzle games, you can access the entire puzzle library through a Premium subscription or purchase packs individually. You can also unlock individual puzzle packs with the crowns you earned in competitions in any of our games.

Are you ready to explore the beauty of nature?

Download Jigsaw Puzzle Nature from Microsoft Store and start solving the puzzles!

It’s March. Time for a Makeover

As spring approaches, we decided to do some cleaning in our puzzle games. Some dusty, old jigsaw puzzles got replaced with higher resolution pictures, while the Starter Pack has undergone a complete makeover.

New Puzzle Packs

Enjoy 4 brand new puzzle packs in our games. We invite you to discover a collection of adorable animals in Animal Friends puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy, and explore some very romantic spots in Paris puzzle pack in Jigsaw Journey. Show your kids the importance of friendship and family with the cute puzzles in Family and Friends pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Kids. Search for famous video game names in the latest Video Games pack in Hexa Word Search.

Four New Puzzle Packs

A New Starter Pack – Play for Free

We’ve added one more reason to fall in love with our puzzles all over again. We replaced all puzzles in the Starter Pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy with colorful and eye-catching pictures. Best of all, they are all free. Go check them out.

Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy Starter Pack

Puzzle Clean-Up

Our renovation efforts for this year wouldn’t have been completed without updating some old puzzle packs in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy. We removed several old puzzles, and replaced them with better quality pictures of the same subject. Now you can enjoy perfect, clean pictures in 10 of our packs: Riga, Krakow, Malaga, Portugal, Amsterdam, Summertime, Winter, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy Puzzle Clean-Up

Knowledge Quiz – All Packs Are Free

If you enjoyed our trivia game, but couldn’t afford to purchase the packs, we’ve got great news. All packs in Knowledge Quiz are now free. Play them anytime, as many times you like.

Knowledge Quiz

Try for Free

Try all our games for free for 7 days before you decide to buy. The packs in our games come with a Try for free button that lets you explore our monthly subscription. You will not be charged during your free trial period. If you are happy with the game, you don’t have to do anything. When the trial concludes, your subscription will start automatically unless you cancel it.

Time to enjoy our entire game gallery in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy, Jigsaw Journey, Jigsaw Puzzle Kids, and Hexa Word Search.

The first 7 days are on us!

Try for Free

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2018 – A Year in Review

With a few hours left until the turn of the year, it’s a good time to summarize how 2018 has looked like for our players, and what milestones we have achieved in our games.

A few days ago, we rounded up all the data to see how big of an impact our game improvements had on our players experience. By introducing our subscription plans, our focus this year has been to build high value for our players. For this reason, we have added new puzzle packs each month, giving the player more options to choose from. Judging by the number of puzzles played and the increase of new players, the new content in the games responded well to each individual tastes and preferences.

We also wanted to empower our frequent players and loyal fans with the ability to access more content in our games. As you will see in the infographic below, in 2018 players unlocked more puzzles with crowns than last year. This happened thanks to some design improvements in the Puzzle of the Day Competition, which allowed players to win crowns at different difficulty modes.

We have also launched 2 new games this year:
* Jigsaw Journey – a jigsaw game on Windows with travel destination puzzles from all over the world
* Hexa Word Search – our word search game developed for iPhones

A lot of time and effort has been put into developing these games, and looking back at how well they were received by our fans and new players, we can conclude that it was all worth it.

Find out how 2018 looked in numbers in our infographic below.

Infographic 2018 in Numbers

We look forward to more game updates, improvements and big releases. Thank you for your constant feedback and for playing our games.

Happy New Year and see you soon in 2019!

Sunday Summary, December 23rd 2018

Hello everyone!

Can you feel the excitement of carols and the yummy smells of the winter season? The whole town has put on a magic glow, and people seem more cheerful and kinder to each other. We’ve always loved the Christmas holiday. Whether it was the anticipation of presents, spending time with family, baking with winter spices, caroling or decorating the tree, each tradition amplified the wonder of Christmas. We believe that everyone has their own family traditions, which eventually make this holiday season so special to them. With these thoughts in mind, we created our puzzle packs for December. We hope they will remind you of the magical moments of Christmas and the true meaning of this holiday – spending time with your loved ones.

1. Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy new puzzle pack: Christmas Traditions

The small, secular traditions of gift-giving, baking and light displays make Christmas the most beloved holiday of the year. Celebrate the famous Christmas customs around the world with this wonderful puzzle pack.

This pack is included in the Premium subscription. The pack is also available for individual purchase for $3.99 or can be unlocked for 30 crowns.

Christmas Traditions

2. Jigsaw Journey new puzzle pack: Oregon

Oregon boasts with an amazing geographical diversity which means that winter looks completely different in different parts of the state. You may find yourself admiring spectacular winter storms on the Pacific coast, marvel at gorgeous waterfalls in the state’s national parks or go skiing and snuggle in log cabins in Mount Hood. Oregon puzzle pack does a good job of capturing all of these natural treasures.

This pack is included in the Premium subscription. The pack is also available for individual purchase for $3.99 or can be unlocked for 30 crowns.


3. Jigsaw Puzzle Kids new puzzle pack: Cleaning

No one gets more excited at the arrival of Christmas than children. And nothing puts them in the Christmas mood more than getting things ready around the house for the holidays. Baking gingerbread cookies together and setting up the decorations are the children’s most favorite household activities before Santa’s arrival. However, kids are bound to love other work around the house if you make it fun and manageable for them. Cleaning around the house is one of the activities that needs to happen before the big holidays, and before any Christmas decorations are put up. The Cleaning puzzle pack will show your child that tidying up is easy and it can be done with a cheerful attitude. Small tasks that he can do such as dusting, washing the windows, sweeping or vacuuming the floor are featured in the pack.

This pack is included in the Premium subscription. The pack is also available for individual purchase for $2.49 or can be unlocked for 20 crowns.


4. Hexa Word Seach new puzzle pack: Christmas

Each word in this pack carries a story, a fond memory or a tradition about Christmas. Try figure out which one it is for you while you find the words on the board.

This pack is included in the Premium subscription. The pack is also available for individual purchase for $1.99 or can be unlocked for 12 crowns.


5. Review of the Week

Review of the Week comes from Doreen Grippo Villalpando on Facebook.
Here is what she thinks about Christmas Traditions puzzle pack, recently added on Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy:

Review of the Week

Have a wonderful Christmas! May your fire be warm and your home be bright!


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