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5 Secrets to Win More Crowns

Do you enjoy our games so much that you would like to gain access to more puzzles, and also get a good deal out of it? Then you’ll be interested to learn a few tricks of how to do that by using crowns. In this article, you’ll find out a few ways to earn crowns that you can use to unlock more puzzle packs for free.

Unlock with crowns Harvest puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy

By now, you may have noticed that a number of crowns shows up whenever you check your game account. The quantity of crowns is important if your goal is to get more puzzles and save money in the process. Have you accumulated at least 20 crowns? Then you can go in the Store of any of our 5 games: Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy, Jigsaw Puzzle Journey, Jigsaw Puzzle Nature, Jigsaw Puzzle Kids and Hexa Word Search and trade your crowns for a new puzzle pack. Fresh Flowers puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy is a good candidate for example. With 20 crowns you can also purchase Fashion and Vacation pack in Hexa Word Search. The bottom line is that if you want to unlock more puzzle packs on a budget, you should learn how to earn more crowns.

We have compiled 5 tips and tricks for you to increase your number of crowns. Master these, and you’ll soon build up your library of puzzles without having to allocate too much money.

1. Create a Game Account

Create a Game Account in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy to Earn 10 crowns

A game account enables you to save your points in the daily competition, and track your progress and the packs you own. On top of that, the first time you create an account with us, you receive a 10 crowns reward. That’s almost half of the amount of crowns you would need to unlock the most affordable puzzle pack in our jigsaw puzzle games or an entire puzzle pack in Hexa Word Search. It’s 10 crowns you get right off the bat, with just a few clicks.

Go ahead and set up your game account if you haven’t done it already, in three easy steps:

  1. Tap on the Game Account icon on the top right of your screen
  2. Fill it out with your info
  3. Click on Save

2. Personalize Your Game Account with Your Facebook Photo

Upload your Facebook picture to earn 5 crowns in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy

We encourage you to personalize your profile so that other players can get a better sense of who they are playing against in the Puzzle of the Day competition. To archive this, we enabled an easy way to set photo from your Facebook account. This will not only make you shine in the daily competition leaderboard, but it will also get you 5 more crowns in your game account.

Upload your photo in three easy steps:

  1. Tap on the Game Account icon on the top right;
  2. Click on Add Facebook photo.
  3. Sign in your Facebook account or connect instantly if you’re already logged in.

And voila! You collect 5 more crowns with little to no effort.

Please note that we don’t collect any personal information, communications and other information you provide on your Facebook account.

3. Get the Best Score in the ‘Puzzle of the Day’ Competition

Get in the top 3 in the Puzzle of the Day competition to earn crowns

Each day we offer a new, free puzzle that you can choose to play in different modes of difficulty. If you get a high score and stay in the top three of the competition until the end of the day, you can earn 1 more crown. That’s 1 crown you can win on a daily basis!

The number of points you can get in the daily challenge increases in direct proportion with the number of jigsaw pieces you choose to solve the puzzle. In other words, you get more points if you choose to solve the Puzzle of the Day with more pieces. Solve it in record time, and you’ll increase your chances to get in the top three of the daily competition.

Each daily competition finishes around midnight US Eastern time, 8 AM European time.

4. Solve the Puzzle of the Day in All Our Games

Get in the top 3 in the Puzzle of the Day competition to earn crowns

Crowns are transferable in 5 of our games: Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy, Jigsaw Puzzle Journey, Jigsaw Puzzle Nature, Jigsaw Puzzle Kids and Hexa Word Search. Simply put, the crowns you collect in each of these games will be saved and added to your game account. When you’re ready to buy with crowns, you can decide on a pack in any of these games.

The games that use crowns are also the ones that offer a Puzzle of the Day competition. That means that you can increase your chances of earning more crowns by solving the Puzzle of the Day in any of these 5 games. Choose the games and the difficulty modes where you think you are most likely to get ranked in the first 3 positions in the competition, and you can earn yourself extra crowns on a daily basis.

If you manage to get among the top 3 in the Puzzle of the Day competition in all our 5 games, that’s 5 crowns you can add daily!

5. Collect Crowns on Previous Purchases

When you purchase an individual puzzle pack with money, you get more than a puzzle pack. With each individual purchase, you add 3 more crowns to your piggy-bank. Look at it like your airline miles or travel points that eventually accumulate and get you something for free.

How Much You Can Get in Total

In the best case scenario, in 1 week you can earn at least 23 crowns – enough for you to get a new puzzle pack for free if you:

  1. Create a game account – 10 crowns
  2. Add a picture to your game account from your Facebook – 5 crowns
  3. Win all Puzzle of the Day Competitions, meaning rank in the top 3 in our five games – 5 crowns
  4. Have purchased a puzzle pack in any of our five games – 3 crowns

Now that you know how to earn crowns to unlock more free puzzles in our games, go try them out in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy, Jigsaw Puzzle Journey, Jigsaw Puzzle Nature, Jigsaw Puzzle Kids and Hexa Word Search.

Sunday Summary, September 30th 2018

Hello everyone

Here is what happened this week in the Jigsaw Games universe:

1. Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy new puzzle pack: Autumn

We released a new puzzle pack caled Autumn. Embrace the autumn mood filled with this cozy puzzle pack filled with color, amazing landscapes and motifs.

This pack is included in the Premium subscription. The pack is also available for individual purchase for $3.49 or can be unlocked for 30 crowns.


2. Jigsaw Journey new puzzle pack: Texas

We released a new puzzle pack called Texas. Explore Texas, of of the most charming states in the South. This pack contains great landscapes, traditions and famous culture elements.

This pack is included in the Premium subscription. The pack is also available for individual purchase for $3.49 or can be unlocked for 30 crowns.


3. Review of the Week

Review of the Week comes from ana lorena.
Here is what ana lorena thinks about Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy:

Review of the Week

If you haven’t already, try out our games:

Jigsaw Journey | Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy | Jigsaw Puzzle Kids | Hexa Word Search | Knowledge Quiz | Fun with Words

Have a great Sunday!


Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy subscriptions

Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy offers several puzzle subscriptions. In this guide I will help you decide which subscription is right for you by explaining the price differences between subscriptions.

The subscriptions offer access to over 1200 puzzles. If purchased individually, each puzzle pack costs $3.49 and typically contains 25 puzzles.

Subscriptions have several advantages:

  • You can play any puzzle in the puzzle library that contains over 1200 puzzles.
  • It costs less than purchasing individual packs.

Available subscriptions

1 Month

Cost: $14.99

Price per day: $14.99 / 30 days = $0.49 per day

3 Months

Cost: $39.99

Price per day: $39.99 / 90 days = $0.44 per day

6 Months

Cost: $49.99

Price per day: $49.99 / 180 days = $0.27 per day


For this purpose, let’s consider three users: Alice and Bob and Dan.

Alice plays more than 5 puzzles per day. She plays every day and sometimes during the weekends even more!

Bob likes the game as well. He too plays several games each day. However, he has a tight budget and wants to take advantage of any offer available.

Dan enjoys the game but he is quite busy. Because of that he usually plays during the weekend.

My recommendations


Because she is a frequent player not limited by budget, the 6 Months is the best choice. The subscription is the cheapest purchase for her play style. If she plays 5 puzzles per day, during 6 months she can play over 900 puzzles, almost the entire puzzle library. Purchasing packs individually or other subscriptions would otherwise cost over 250% more!


Because he is a frequent player but on a tight budget, I recommend the 1 Month subscription. During the subscription period, he can play as many puzzles as possible. Assuming he plays 4 puzzles per day during the week and 7 puzzles per day during the weekend, using the subscription he can play over 150 puzzles. Even if other subscriptions have a cheaper cost per day, the 1 Month subscription can be used only for the duration of a month and canceled afterwards. Purchasing packs individually would cost 26% more.


Because Dan is not a frequent player, a subscription is not the right decision for him. I recommend purchasing packs individually. Because packs purchased individually are permanent he can play the puzzles at his own pace.


  • If you are a frequent player and your budget allows it, purchase the 6 Months subscription.
  • If you are a frequent player on a tight budged, purchase the 1 Month subscription.
  • If you only play occasionally, we recommend purchasing individual puzzle packs.


I hope this guide gives you a better understanding of available subscriptions and how they compare with individual purchases. On top of any paid puzzles you get a new puzzle every day so come back daily and receive your daily freebie.

Download Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy and have fun solving the puzzles!

Thinking of Spring

Despite the icy cold weather that seems to put spring on hold for March, we started thinking about what we’re going to do and where we we’d like to travel this season. We realized though that there is no better way to enjoy spring than in the midst of nature. The good news is that we don’t need to go too far to experience it.

We ended up planning for fun things to do outside when the weather gets warmer in our hometown. We’d also like to bring some cheer and spring atmosphere into your homes by giving you a chance to win our Flower Fields puzzle pack on this week’s Facebook contest.

Here is our to-do list of activities for this spring. The puzzles from Flowers and Flower Fields packs have easily set us in the spring mood :).

  1. Go on a flower hunt to find and photograph the first snowdrops and crocuses. We’ll go somewhere close to our house where we’ve spot them in previous years or we’ll travel a bit further to discover new spots. alt text
  2. Sit outside at a café terrace near nature and enjoy the warm sunlight and the birds’ chirping sounds.
  3. Take a hike and watch how nature comes alive again. We are lucky to live in Stockholm, so we can find some very beautiful hiking locations just a short bus ride away. alt text
  4. Plant something green or colorful. We are thinking to plant the commonly known heartsease flowers, or Viola tricolor in a woodland clearing or a decorative container.
    alt text
  5. Check the nearest greenhouse and nursery for ideas of decorating our balcony and pot gardening. We’d like to add plants and stylish pots to add more privacy and freshen the appearance of our balcony. It will be our cozy and relaxing area when we want to enjoy the fresh air with a cup of tea in the morning.

We’re already so excited to do all these activities. Feel free to share in the comments about your plans for this spring. Check our Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy game for more spring-inspired puzzles.

5 Ways to Enjoy the Last Days of Winter

It’s the last week until winter is official over and many of us already dream of the spring sun and started planning activities for warmer days. However, there’s no need to hibernate inside your home and wait for sunnier days for you to have fun. The weather may be gloomy, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut down on your level of activities and fun.

Let’s look at it this way – we’ve only got a few more days of winter, so let’s make the best of it while it lasts. We have invited you on our Facebook page to share your most favorite winter games with us to get you back into the fun atmosphere of winter. We have also come up with a few ideas to make the best of this time and keep away from winter blues. Our inspiration comes from Snow Trails puzzle pack.

1. Take A Walk

Start your day with a nice walk in the crisp morning air around your area. Although walking in the winter cold seems challenging, it is very invigorating, and it boosts your mood. Discover the nature around you and take in the peace and tranquility that the cold season sets in. A tree-lined rushing stream or the stillness of frozen trees has its own sort of beauty. Do you want to make it a bit more exciting? Head out for a photography expedition and look for the most interesting views before the winter is over. If it’s hard to drag yourself out of the house, walking with a buddy can also make it more enjoyable and motivate you to get outside. Whatever the purpose of your walk, just make sure you have proper warm clothes and outdoor gear in case it’s slippery.
alt text

2. Go Cross-Country Skiing

Take advantage of the little snow left to use your skinny skis. The wonderful thing about cross-country skiing is that you can travel across longer distances and discover beautiful natural landscapes as you also get a good work-out. If you’re looking for something to do during these last chilly days that is both meditative and energizing, then cross-country skiing is for you. You’ll enjoy some peace and quiet, away from the city crowds, while also training your body.
alt text

3. Go Ice Skating

Don’t let the last days of winter go by without trying skating one more time. You may not glide on ice as professionals in the Winter Olympics, but you can still have fun doing it. Plus, it provides a great aerobic workout that you can only do during the cold season. Many of the ice-skating rinks are open until fairly late in the evening, and they usually are packed with stands selling hot drinks and goodies. Check the schedules of ice rinks that are still open near you and prepare for a few hours of recreation and laughs. Invite a friend to hang onto if you haven’t done it in a long time or if it’s the first time you try skating. And make sure to reward yourself with a hot chocolate after such a challenging workout in the cold.
alt text

4. Enjoy the Snow with Family and Friends

Make the last days of winter a reason to gather with your friends and family for a few fun outdoor activities in the snow. Build a fort and have a snowball fight. If you have kids or grandkids you can go sledding or build a snow castle. Organize a winter hike with your family and rent a cabin for the night to enjoy the white landscapes one last time, before the cold season is over. Or if you don’t want to spend too much, build a camping fire in your yard, wrap yourselves in warm blankets and make some s’mores.
alt text

5. Board Games and Chill

During those last days of winter when it’s too stormy outside and the temperature is unbearable for any outdoor activities, you can always chill out with a few of your favorite board games. Consider meeting up with a few people to play a board game, or snuggle up on your couch with a good blanket and a warm drink and enjoy Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy on your tablet.
alt text

Once you realize how many activities are left for you to try before spring is here, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun and benefits those last days of winter can bring. Feel free to come up with more fun things to do to get you motivated to enjoy what is left of winter.