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Tool for Generating App Store Screenshots


I decided to write a Mac app for generating App Store screenshots. Sign up here.


Each time you build a game or finish working on a feature you have to go though the tedious task of generating screenshots to promote it. Screenshots are a key ingredient to attracting new users in the App Store. The screenshots need to reflect key features of your app. If you are interested in ASO you should be constantly tweaking your screenshots in order to find the right message to attract new users.


Generating screenshots takes a lot of time and the current tools that can help you are expensive. The broad range of devices supported by iOS and iPad OS require repetitive work to get everything right. When Apple changes requirements or introduces new devices, you have to update your existing work flow. If you want to change the CTA on one of your screenshots you need to change it in several places. These are some of the reasons many developers ignore creating great screenshots or updating them regularly.

What I want

I want a simple tool to help me create App Store screenshots. The tool must be able to export all the resolutions supported by the App Store by cropping automatically. I want to be able to make manual adjustments to cropping where needed. I want to be able to add artifacts and text to all screenshots at once. I want to use custom colors to make my screenshots unique.


  • Export all supported resolutions required by the App Store for iPhone
  • Export all supported resolutions required by the App Store for iPad
  • Manually override cropping where needed
  • Add text
  • Add artifacts
  • Use custom colors
  • Save and load project


I plan to build this tool in the next 3 months, starting on March 1st and releasing it on June 1st, just in time for WWDC.

How much will it cost

I want to find the right price for such a tool that will make it affordable to users and sustainable to develop and maintain. The tool will offer some form of free trial or a subset of features for free.
The full version price will match comparable tools, without abusing the usual developer workflow behaviour. I believe most developers update their apps several times per year, which means the tool price will be optimised for long term use.


  • Using the free version should be smooth without constant push to update to premium
  • Premium should be affordable for long term use
  • Ending a subscription (if I decide to use a subscription model) should be smooth and non destructive, allowing saving / export of existing project, color scheme and artifacts

I want it

If you are interested in this project and want to receive updates and be notified you when the tool is ready, sign up here.

I can’t wait

What key feature am I missing from the MVP list? How much would you pay for the tool? How often would you like to hear about the progress?
Comment bellow and tell a friend about the tool.