Quiz 365

Quiz 365 is a trivia game that helps you test and improve your knowledge on different topics. Answer over 5000 questions arranged in multiple-choice quizzes to assess what you know on typical school subjects such as geography, chemistry, history, etc or everyday topics such as traffic signs, currency and entertainment.

Here is what players are saying about Quiz 365:

The Challenge

The game challenges you to answer at least five questions correctly to move to the next round. You have 20 seconds to choose the correct answer. A timer on the right side of the screen shows you how much time you have left.

Low-risk Learning Environment

We think that failure is part of learning. For this reason, the game’s mission is to assess and expand your knowledge by letting you take the quizzes as many times you want, until you feel you have consolidated your knowledge in a certain field. At the end of each round, you will have the opportunity to compare your results with the correct solutions. In this way, we support your learning, by giving you a chance to learn from your mistakes and through eliminating the feelings of pressure and anxiety that comes with getting the answer wrong.

Prepare for Future Tests

The quizzes are not only going to build up your general knowledge, but they will also help you practice your skills before a big test. For example, if you are studying to get your driving license, the ‘Traffic Signs’ pack will help you assess and consolidate your theoretical knowledge on what each road sign means.