Change the Background

It can happen that the colors of the photo you play for your puzzle to be very close to the one on the background. To avoid color confusion and better distinguish the pieces, just follow these easy steps to change your background:

1. Right-click on the Game Page.

2. Click on ‘Background’ button on the left corner at the bottom.

3. A pop-up with different background colors and textures appears.

4. Click on the different backgrounds to find which gives you more clarity and contrast to easily distinguish your pieces. Pick one once you decided.

5. Click anywhere on the screen to exit the pop-up.

Right-Click on the Page

Change Background 2

Click on the ‘Background’ button

Change Background 3

A pop-up with different background appears

Change Background 4

Click on the different backgrounds to see which one fits better. 

Change Background 5

Click anywhere on the screen to cancel the pop-up. The pieces are now more visible 🙂

Change Background 6