Our Story

Every time we get a chance, we spend endless hours playing board games. We have a cupboard full of games from scrabble, chess and backgammon to modern games such as Settlers of Catan and Carcassone.

Among other relaxing activities, we enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles in our spare time. However, we noticed that the search for the perfect puzzle image, with the right number of pieces and the set-up logistics for solving a puzzle sometimes takes too long, and too much space. Plus, after doing the same puzzle several times, we would get bored with it and needed a new one to get excited about. We realized that we needed a more sustainable and cost-effective way if we wanted to continue practicing our hobby.

We realized we wanted to create a jigsaw game which one would gladly come back to.

So, we built a game where you can play a new puzzle every day. Our plan was to implement a functionality that will allow you to pick a new picture, the number of pieces and the shapes of the pieces before starting the game.

That’s how our first game on Microsoft Store was born. Soon after that, we saw that there are more opportunities for other kind of classical board games. So we kept on building games that we love playing every day.

Frenzy Games

Over 15.000 players enjoy our games every day.
Our community played over 3 million puzzles in 2018.

We are incredible proud to be able to bring joy in peoples’ lives every day.