Jigsaw Puzzle Kids

Jigsaw Puzzle Kids is a fun puzzle game designed to help your child develop problem-solving skills while learning about the world. The game puts the fun back into learning by providing your child with a mix of puzzles inspired from kids’ favorite subjects and educational themes. The characters featured in the puzzles are intended to spark the kid’s curiosity and imagination, and encourage him to ask questions and practice his language.

Play Jigsaw Puzzle Kids

A Puzzle Game for Toddlers and Primary School Children

Since all children learn differently and at different speed, they may find themselves at different development stages in their lives. So, before starting a jigsaw puzzle, you can choose the number and the shape of the pieces depending on your child’s age and skills’ level. We guarantee that your kid will have a lot of fun trying out the 3 shapes available for puzzles pieces, as it requires various strategies to find and match the puzzles pieces correctly. Once he grows confident in his puzzle solving skills, you can increase the number of puzzle pieces.

Pick the Difficulty in Jigsaw Puzzle Kids

Choose from A Variety of Topics

The puzzles are a mix of cartoon pictures inspired from kids’ favorite subjects such as farm animals, vehicles, fruits, as well as puzzles featuring themes explored in preschool and the first years of school such as cleaning or the alphabet. A library of 270+ puzzles grouped on different topics will ensure your kid will never get bored of playing with puzzles.

Choose the Topic in Jigsaw Puzzle Kids

Enhance Your Child’s Development

Apart from a diverse library of puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzle Kids offers a free puzzle every day where your child can participate in competitions and win crowns which can later use to unlock other puzzle packs. The daily competition will encourage your child to refine his problem-solving and hand-eye co-ordination skills as he plays against the clock. Even here, you can choose the number and shape of the pieces before solving the Puzzle of the Day.

Daily Competition in Jigsaw Puzzle Kids

The overall experience of matching the puzzle pieces in Jigsaw Puzzle Kids will give your child an immense satisfaction and boost to their self-confidence. Thanks to the variety of puzzles offered in the game, he will also have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of a whole range of topics that will help him later in life.

Now spend some quality time with your child as you figure out together how to match the puzzle pieces in Jigsaw Puzzle Kids. Download the game for free from Microsoft Store!

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