About me

Hi, I’m Mihai. I design games that bring joy in peoples’ lives.

Every time I get a chance, I spend endless hours playing board games. I have a cupboard full of games including classics like chess, backgammon and scrabble as well as modern board games like Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne.

One of my favorite board games are jigsaw puzzles. I like the complexity of the game and the satisfying feeling of finding a puzzle match. However, jigsaw puzzles are probably one of the most difficult board games to play: they take a lot of space, the board is very delicate and the game is very difficult to save and continue. To solve these problems, I decided to build a jigsaw puzzle video game myself. That’s how my first video game was born. In the process I learned the many skills in building a game. Once the game was published, I was overwhelmed by the feedback from players. That feedback encouraged me to improve the game and build new games as well.

Today, I maintain and update the games based on the players’ feedback. I am incredible proud to be able to bring joy in peoples’ lives every day.

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