No more cheating. New rewards and bonuses

Dear friends,

This week I had a fascinating email conversation with Mike, a fan of our puzzle game. The conversation started over a month ago when I received feedback about the game along with a story about how a game bug can be used to solve puzzles faster. The conversation triggered a number of changes in the game, the most important being the recent switch from points to time for competition scoring. However, this week Mike described the bug in great detail and I was able to reproduce the bug as well. The bug affects Jigsaw Puzzle Nature, Jigsaw Puzzle Journey and Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy. I analysed the scores and I realised many players know about the bug and are solving the puzzles very fast by using it. In Mike’s words, exploiting the bug you can finish the puzzle almost just as fast as you can move the pieces. Once I got over the fact that some players are using tricks instead of skill to climb to the top of the leaderboard, I fixed the bug – the fix was trivial and obvious once I knew when it happens.

Introducing Coins

In the past, playing Puzzle of the Day was rewarded with points. However, playing regular puzzles from your puzzle packs did not contain the same rewards. The points were not used anywhere else in the game. One player could have 10.000 points, another 200.000 points but in reality it did’t matter, as the points were not used for anything.

Starting this week, a new reward system has been added to the game: Coins. Coins are rewards for solving a puzzle, regardless of difficulty, shape or if the puzzle is Puzzle of the Day or from your puzzle packs. The faster you solved the puzzle the more coins you get. The more complicated the puzzle the more coins you get. When you finish a puzzle you will also receive bonus coins using a playing cards draw.

The coins can be converted into crowns in your Game Account page. 50.000 coins can be exchanged for 1 crown. Crowns in turn can be used for unlocking puzzles.

Daily Bonus

The loyalty rewards have been replaced with a Daily Bonus using a playing cards draw. The daily bonus ranges between 5.000 coins and 10.000 coins. The playing cards draw has also been improved to occasionally contain significantly bigger rewards.

Relax Mode

I know the majority of you enjoy the competition, but I also heard that some of you play just to relax. In the past, there was no way around the game competition but starting this week you can. The game settings now contain a switch to turn on Relax Mode. The switch is turned off by default so you have to manually turn it on to try it out. Once turned on the competition scores and leaderboard are removed from the game. If you change your mind you can always turn off Relax Mode.

I’m super excited to release these updates and curious to see how it will change your experience now that cheating is no longer possible, every game is rewarded with coins, and there is a way to use the coins to get new puzzles.

Have a great weekend and have fun solving the puzzles!


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