Introducing Word Search Master

We are happy to announce the launch of our second word search game in Microsoft Store that will push your search skills even further: Word Search Master. The game is your classical word search game with a twist. You can build up words by connecting the letters in the grid in any direction. For example, you can trace a word moving both horizontally and vertically, from a bottom-up, left-to-right direction. This new way of forming the words goes a bit against the way you are used to from other games. Have we piqued your curiosity? Give it a try and find out if you’re up for this challenge.

Word Search Master Find the hidden words)

Find Words from A Variety of Topics

The game comes with an extensive collection of word-lists grouped by different topics ranging from literature, geography, company names, cars, to famous TV-shows, names of actors or music bands. You have 17 free packs and 7 packs for purchase with 25 word lists each that you can choose to play in various difficulties.

Word Search Master Find Words from A Variety of Topics)

Beat Scores or Play It As A Pastime

Similar to our first word search game, Hexa Word Search, you can play in daily competitions against other players, or you can solve the words at your own pace, in a more relaxed mode by choosing from an large library of word lists.

When you participate in competitions you can win crowns that you can use to unlock individual word packs. The challenge is to find all the words in record time to rank in the first three positions of the competition to secure at least 1 crown per day. If you are enjoying word search games as a pastime, Word Search Master offers the perfect relaxing set-up. You can play words from individual packs at the speed you feel comfortable with.

Regardless of your reasons for playing Word Search Master, both game modes offer the same rush of excitement when discovering the words. Moreover, you will find that the game is perfect on a short commute, and, suitably engaging for a relaxing pastime.

Word Search Master Participate in the daily competitions

A Word Search Game for Any Age

You can become a word search master at any age, no matter your knowledge level. Adults, kids as young as 6, and seniors alike will find it equally enjoyable and beneficial. So, whether you’re looking to grow your vocabulary, practice your spelling skills, boost your focus or relieve stress, Word Search Master will help you achieve your goals.

Start Playing Word Search Master Now

Go download Word Search Master now, and let us know in the reviews how you’re enjoying it.

Download Word Search Master Now

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