Get Ready for the Summer

June is here and we are looking forward to a productive summer that will bring more improvements in our games, new puzzle packs and, most likely, new games to enjoy while you survive the heat wave. We were pleased to see that Jigsaw Puzzle Nature has been very well received by our fans. We’ve sent out the Dew puzzle packs to 5 of our players who downloaded and reviewed the game in the Microsoft Store. It looks like we have a lot of nature lovers among our players, so we plan to continue the Giveaway Newsletter campaign from Jigsaw Puzzle Nature this month too.

Now let’s look at the changes we have been working on this month, and what new surprises you should be looking forward to in the coming month.

1. Hexa Word Search Update

Hexa Word Search Detect Words in Easier Patterns

We’ve improved Hexa Word Search to help you find the words faster, and get a better view of the words you have already discovered. It will be more common now to trace the words in a natural pattern – in a left-to-right and top-to-bottom order. The solved words will be colored differently so you can distinguish and spot them more easily. Learn more about these changes on our blog.

2. Knowledge Quiz Update

Summary View of Your Answers in Knowledge Quiz

Now that we’ve made all packs free on Knowledge Quiz, you can choose from a variety of topics that interests you, ranging from geography, literature to entertainment and traffic signs. The good news is that we have added more packs with interesting questions that test your spelling skills, and your general knowledge on themes such as colors, phobias, and inventions. You’ll be glad to see that we have added a summary review page at the end of each round that allows you to compare your answers with the correct solutions. More details about the latest updates in Knowledge Quiz you can find on our blog.

Download the most recent version of Knowledge Quiz from the Microsoft Store and play a quiz now!

3. New Puzzle Packs

New Puzzle Packs June

Brighten your mood and stimulate your senses with an explosion of vivid colors from the latest puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy: Colors. Working on these puzzles will give you the right amount of energy you’re going to need in the upcoming summer months.

In June, feel the warmth of the sun as you explore Morocco’s rich culture, art and traditions in Jigsaw Puzzle Journey‘s Morocco puzzle pack. Admire unspoiled desert sands, experience authentic iconic villages, and catch a glimpse of artisans’ hand-crafted items. If you have not visited Morocco yet, you will definitely have it on your bucket list now.

When the summer heat is too hot to bear, cool yourself off with some fabulous Northern landscapes from Fjords puzzle pack from Jigsaw Puzzle Nature. These glacier-carved valleys, are the delight of every adventure-hungry traveler and perfect for puzzle lovers who enjoy the relaxing view of tranquil waters against majestic walls of mountains.

4. How to Access More Puzzles for Free

Earn crowns to unlock more free puzzles packs

We know that our fans like to access more puzzle packs for free. If you’re one of them, we recommend learning a few tips on how to earn crowns in our games to unlock more puzzle packs. Learn more on our blog post.

Besides the free daily puzzles that roll up from our library of paid puzzle packs, you can enjoy hundreds of free puzzles in our games:
* 7 free word search packs in Hexa Word Search: Food, Companies, Plants, Game of Thrones, Books, Astronomy and The Simpsons
* 2 free puzzle packs in Jigsaw Puzzle Journey: USA and France
* 3 free puzzle packs in Jigsaw Puzzle Nature: Beaches, Caves, Crops
* 2 free puzzle packs in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy: Warm Up Pack and Intermediary
* 3 free puzzle packs in Jigsaw Puzzle Kids: Starter Pack, Alphabet Animals and Farm Animals
* All you can play for free in Knowledge Quiz

5. June Giveaway

June Giveaway - Fjords Puzzle Pack

We are giving away the latest Fjords puzzle pack from Jigsaw Puzzle Nature to 5 of our players. If you want to be considered for the draw, please review Jigsaw Puzzle Nature on Microsoft Store and tell us what you like about Jigsaw Puzzle Nature in the Leave a Reply section below. We will announce the winners by email on Monday, June 10th.

Enjoy the weekend and have fun playing the new puzzles!


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