3 Changes for Enhanced Learning in Knowledge Quiz

We are glad to see that Knowledge Quiz started to gain momentum since we have made all the packs free this year. You have now the opportunity to choose from a variety of topics, spreading from geography, literature to traffic signs and entertainment, and answer a 7 questions’ set in each round as you move on to more difficult levels. In the new version of Knowledge Quiz, we have extended the number of topics and looked at ways to help you improve your learning as you play. Here are the changes that you are going to see in the new version of Knowledge Quiz:

1. New Packs of Trivia Questions

We have introduced new interesting topics that are going to test and enhance your knowledge in areas of psychology, art, orthography and science.


Phobias Pack in Knowledge Quiz

You will learn about phobias and weird fears you probably never knew existed. The Phobias pack covers a large collection of trivia questions arranged in 30 levels, starting with most common known fears and ending with rare terms for phobias.


Spelling Pack in Knowledge Quiz

If you participated in spelling bee competitions when you were a child, or just want to test how good you are at spotting a spelling mistake, you will enjoy the questions from Spelling pack. The levels are as stimulating as the physical contests, where multiple choice answers are intended to challenge your focus and memory. So, if you want to pump up some adrenaline in your day, go update the game right now and find the correct spelling of 130+ words.


Colors Pack in Knowledge Quiz

Do you have an eye for art and decorations, and consider yourself an expert in naming different shades of colors? Well, there’s one way to find out. Answer correctly over 100 questions from the newly added Colors pack and test or enhance your vocabulary in arts. You will surely impress your friends or the shop assistant from your clothing store with these newly learned names for color shades.


Inventions Pack in Knowledge Quiz

Find out how much you know about the most popular inventions that radically improved the way we live today. The Inventions pack will have you travel back to some of the most remarkable scientific and technological breakthroughs in history, and recognize the brilliance of their inventors.

2. Review Your Answers

Summary View of Your Answers in Knowledge Quiz

We all make mistakes. It is part of our learning process. So, what we need to do is continue to practice and train until we get it right. Knowledge Quiz was built to serve this exact purpose: to help you practice your knowledge and learn from your mistakes in a safe environment. For this reason, you will now have a tool to measure yourself the skills you have in a certain field. We implemented a summary screen to review and keep track of your answers after each level you complete. In this way, you are sure that next time you play the round again, you will know how to answer it correctly.

3. Improved Layout for Pack Rounds

Improved Layout for Pack Rounds in Knowledge Quiz

We want to create a better user experience with every update of the game. This time we have made it possible for you to see at a glance the number of rounds you have left until you finish the pack. You are welcome to share your ideas with us if you find other areas that we can customize to improve your experience in the game.

Now that you know what changes to expect in the new version of the game, update Knowledge Quiz from Microsoft Store and start playing a new quiz.

Download Knowledge Quiz


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