3 Changes That Make Hexa Word Search More Enjoyable

Lately, we have been working to improve the game play experience in Hexa Word Search. We came up with 3 ways to make it easier for you to search for words on the board and get a better view of the words you have already discovered. Here’s everything you need to know about Hexa Word Search latest version:

1. New Colors for Solved Words

Hexa Word Search Highlight Words in Different Colors

Highlighting the words on the game board is an essential way to keep track of the words you have found. However, using one color for all the words made it difficult for our players to distinguish between them, especially if a word would intersect with another.

We addressed this problem by using more colors. We are now using beautiful, bright colors for solved words. More color will not only bring you a feeling of joy when you look at what you have accomplished, but it will also offer you a visual clue to what particular words you have detected.

2. Easier Patterns to Spot the Words

Hexa Word Search Detect Words in Easier Patterns

With some exceptions, people typically read or scan an image from left to right and from top to bottom. Given this natural habit, we have set up the game in such a way that you will encounter more cases when words will be built following these patterns. The distribution of words in left-to-right and top-to-bottom patterns will make it easier for you to hunt down the words on the board.

3. Shorter Words

Hexa Word Search Find Words That Are Shorter in Length

When you choose to play our word search game we want you to relax and enjoy yourself. For this reason, we think that the things you do in the game should be fun, easy to do, and you should feel comfortable doing it.

Having to search for long, complicated words could become too demanding especially for your typical leisure activity. So, we have decided to reduce the length of the words to 14 characters. This will help you spot the words faster and with less effort, and ultimately give you a big boost in dopamine.

We are confident these improvements will make the word search more enjoyable. Download Hexa Word Search now and start finding the hidden words!

Download Hexa Word Search from Microsoft Store


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