Less Ads, More Playtime

We improved the ads experience in all our games, and we cannot wait for you to try it out. By reducing the frequency and quantity of ads, you will now enjoy more playtime. Also, you’re going to love our recent puzzles packs and the new puzzles we added in our old packs. Finally, if you subscribed to our Monthly Newsletter, you will get a chance to win a puzzle pack in any of our games.

Improved Ads Experience

We have improved the ads experience when you play our free games:

  • We removed the ads displayed after you finish a free game.
  • We display less ads in Knowledge Quiz. This change increases playtime by 25%.
  • We allow you to play a free game even when ads are not available. Thanks to this change, 10% of our players have access to play our free games.

New Puzzle Packs

Enjoy 2 new amazing puzzle packs in our games. Discover the classical and modern design of stunning bridges in the recent Bridges puzzle pack in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy. Experience the capital of Hungary from many viewpoints, and explore its famous neo-Gothic and Neoclassical architectural landmarks in the latest Budapest puzzle pack in Jigsaw Journey. Find out in more detail what makes these landmarks stand out in our recent blog post.

New Puzzle Packs in April 2019

7 Puzzle Packs Got Updated

We continued to update several old puzzle packs in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy. Now you can enjoy fresh new puzzles in 7 of our packs: Cyprus, Valentine’s Day, Cute Animals, Games, Antalya, Frost and Snow. Go check them now if you have the packs.

New Puzzles Added in Old Puzzle Packs in April 2019

Hexa Word Search – New Free Packs

If you like to increase your vocabulary, and exercise your focus, then you’ll be pleased to hear that there are 3 more packs in Hexa Word Search that you can play for free. Discover plant names in Plants pack, learn about cosmic phenomena in Astronomy pack, and grow your business know-how with Companies pack. Go play them now!

New Free Packs in Hexa Word Search

Get A Chance to Win A Puzzle Pack

We want to reward you for subscribing to our newsletter by giving you a chance to win a pack of your choice in any of our games. Answer a quick survey and let us know the pack you’d like to win.
Send us your answers by Sunday, April 7th. We will announce the winners by email on Monday, April 8th.

The offer is only available to our newsletter subscribers. Subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter if you want to participate in similar promotions in the future.


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