2018 – A Year in Review

With a few hours left until the turn of the year, it’s a good time to summarise how 2018 has looked like for our players, and what milestones we have achieved in our games.

A few days ago, we rounded up all the data to see how big of an impact our game improvements had on our players experience. By introducing our subscription plans, our focus this year has been to build high value for our players. For this reason, we have added new puzzle packs each month, giving the player more options to choose from. Judging by the number of puzzles played and the increase of new players, the new content in the games responded well to each individual tastes and preferences.

We also wanted to empower our frequent players and loyal fans with the ability to access more content in our games. As you will see in the infographic below, in 2018 players unlocked more puzzles with crowns than last year. This happened thanks to some design improvements in the Puzzle of the Day Competition, which allowed players to win crowns at different difficulty modes.

We have also launched 2 new games this year:
* Jigsaw Journey – a jigsaw game on Windows with travel destination puzzles from all over the world
* Hexa Word Search – our word search game developed for iPhones

A lot of time and effort has been put into developing these games, and looking back at how well they were received by our fans and new players, we can conclude that it was all worth it.

Find out how 2018 looked in numbers in our infographic below.

Infographic 2018 in Numbers

We look forward to more game updates, improvements and big releases. Thank you for your constant feedback and for playing our games.

Happy New Year and see you soon in 2019!

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