Sunday Summary, August 5th 2018

Hello everyone!

We have enjoyed some time off this past month with a lot of summer activities, but now we are back to work. As you may have already noticed, we have recently done a few updates in our games.

1. Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy New Puzzle Pack: Handmade

If you are a fan of knitting, cake craft, soap making, painting, or any other activity that gives a homemade touch to common things and wearble articles, then you will definitely enjoy this pack of puzzles. As you play this puzzle pack, you will feel more inspired and motivated to pursue your hobby ideas.


2. Jigsaw Journey New Puzzle Pack: Hawaii

Explore the tropical beaches, the rugged landscapes of cliffs and the many animals and plants that inhabit the fabulous Hawaii. After solving this puzzle collection, you will see why these islands are synonymous with the dream vacation.


3. Jigsaw Puzzle Kids New Puzzle Pack: Farm Animals

Farm animals are an all-time favourite topic with young children. This puzzle pack will help them discover farm animals they have not seen before, while they will be thrilled to spot familiar ones.

Farm Animals

4. Hexa Word Search New Puzzle Pack: Astronomy

Discover a collection of words describing space objects and phenomena taking place in our universe.


5. Review of the Week

Review of the Week comes from Dee.
Here is what Dee thinks about Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy:

Review of the Week

Have a great Sunday!


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