Sunday Summary, May 27 2018

Hello everyone

Here are 5 most important events that happened in the Frenzy Games universe this week:

1. New Game: Jigsaw Journey

We were pleased to release Jigsaw Journey after months of work and fine tuning. The game contains over 900 high definition puzzles.

When you start a monthly subscription, you get 7 days trial for free. During the trial, the subscription can be canceled if you change your mind.
Check out the trailer and download the game.

Download Jigsaw Journey from Windows Store

2. Loyalty Awards

Since we launched our Frequent Player Rewards in Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy two weeks ago we awarded over 2500 crowns!
That’s the equivalent of 125 puzzle packs awarded to our most beloved puzzle solvers!

Frequent Player Rewards

Because we admire your commitment to the game, we decided to add Frequent Player Rewards in the all our games that support purchases.

3. New Instagram Pages

Follow Jigsaw Journey on Instagram

We launched Instagram pages for Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy and Jigsaw Journey. We are pleased to use another channel to reach our players and we are looking forward to meeting you on Instagram.

4. New Video Tutorial for Puzzle Games

Did you know that you can move solved pieces out of the way so you can focus on the unsolved pieces?
Simply double-tap on a piece or an area of the puzzle that is already solved to send it to the back. Check out the tutorial and use it in Jigsaw Journey, Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy and Jigsaw Puzzle Kids.

Watch Send pieces to the back tutorial on YouTube

5. Review of the Week

We are pleased to receive such kind words. Thank you for your feedback Lisa!

Review of the Week

Have a great Sunday!


If you haven’t already, try our games

Jigsaw Journey | Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy | Jigsaw Puzzle Kids | Hexa Word Search | Knowledge Quiz | Fun with Words

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