Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy Subscriptions

Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy offers several puzzle subscriptions. In this guide I will help you decide which subscription is right for you by explaining the price differences between subscriptions.

Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy subscriptions

The subscriptions offer access to over 1200 puzzles. If purchased individually, each puzzle pack costs $3.49 and typically contains 25 puzzles.

Subscriptions have several advantages:

  • You can play any puzzle in the puzzle library that contains over 1200 puzzles.
  • It costs less than purchasing individual packs.

Available subscriptions

1 Month

Cost: $14.99

Price per day: $14.99 / 30 days = $0.49 per day

3 Months

Cost: $39.99

Price per day: $39.99 / 90 days = $0.44 per day

6 Months

Cost: $49.99

Price per day: $49.99 / 180 days = $0.27 per day


For this purpose, let’s consider three users: Alice and Bob and Dan.

Alice plays more than 5 puzzles per day. She plays every day and sometimes during the weekends even more!

Bob likes the game as well. He too plays several games each day. However, he has a tight budget and wants to take advantage of any offer available.

Dan enjoys the game but he is quite busy. Because of that he usually plays during the weekend.

My recommendations


Because she is a frequent player not limited by budget, the 6 Months is the best choice. The subscription is the cheapest purchase for her play style. If she plays 5 puzzles per day, during 6 months she can play over 900 puzzles, almost the entire puzzle library. Purchasing packs individually or other subscriptions would otherwise cost over 250% more!


Because he is a frequent player but on a tight budget, I recommend the 1 Month subscription. During the subscription period, he can play as many puzzles as possible. Assuming he plays 4 puzzles per day during the week and 7 puzzles per day during the weekend, using the subscription he can play over 150 puzzles. Even if other subscriptions have a cheaper cost per day, the 1 Month subscription can be used only for the duration of a month and canceled afterwards. Purchasing packs individually would cost 26% more.


Because Dan is not a frequent player, a subscription is not the right decision for him. I recommend purchasing packs individually. Because packs purchased individually are permanent he can play the puzzles at his own pace.


  • If you are a frequent player and your budget allows it, purchase the 6 Months subscription.
  • If you are a frequent player on a tight budged, purchase the 1 Month subscription.
  • If you only play occasionally, we recommend purchasing individual puzzle packs.


I hope this guide gives you a better understanding of available subscriptions and how they compare with individual purchases. On top of any paid puzzles you get a new puzzle every day so come back daily and receive your daily freebie.

Download Jigsaw Puzzle Frenzy and have fun solving the puzzles!

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