5 Reasons Why You Should Play with Your Child

Encouraging your child to play on his own, as well as with other children is undoubtedly beneficial for his social, cognitive and physical development. However, we tend to underestimate the value we bring as parents to his skill sets when we engage in his play and how much we can benefit from it.

After you read this, you will understand better the big difference the parent-child play can make when it comes to his development and your future relationship with him. Here are 5 out of many other good reasons why you should play with your child.

1. It Builds A Special Bond

Playing with your children will help you forge a deep bond of trust that will last forever. The time you spend now playing with dinosaurs or hide-and-seek will pay off when your kids still want to enjoy your company as teenagers.

When you spend time playing with your kid, you create a sense of security that gives him confidence to freely share his thoughts and feelings with you and to be himself. You let him know that you support his imaginary world and appreciate his ideas no matter how far-fetched they may be. It is a proof of love and appreciation, which, in the long run, will positively influence his self-esteem. Start building that bond now through play and your child will always come to you for advice when the need arises.
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2. You Get to Know Your Child

Playing with your child involves spending quality time with him. Take advantage of this opportunity to observe how he interacts, how he solves problems and talk with him about his friends and his opinions about different things around him. During this time, you can learn about his interests and talents, as well as his worries and the things he is most struggling with. It is also easy to get a sense of where your child is in his development, and where he needs more stimulation and guidance from you, which leads us to the next reason.
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3. It Helps Your Child Activate Lifelong Skills

In comparison with playing with other children or siblings, in parent-child play, the parent provides more structure to social interactions. The parent has the important role of developing the child’s own sense of right and wrong. You can demonstrate with the help of toys the wrong way to handle a situation and act out a better way to do it. Through play we can also help him build self-confidence and encourage him to push his limits.

Whenever a play is going off the rails, the parent can always nudge them in the right direction. Playing with your child is one way to teach him social and self-control skills before he consolidates them with his friends. By being patient and collaborating in your children’s play, you provide them with a good role model that shows them how to behave in their future interactions.
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4. It Creates Fond Childhood Memories

Playing is not just a time for your kid to learn and practice their skills, but it’s also an opportunity to create wonderful experiences that will last with your child their whole life. It is important to understand that expensive gifts and elaborate vacations cannot compete with the time you spend with him playing. Even when you had a long busy day at work, make time to read a story to your kid at bed time or play together a simple puzzle game. It’s little things like these that he is going to remember later.
So be present in their play and enjoy your children’s company if you want to create happy memories together.
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5. You Discover the Joy of Play

Playing with our kids is undeniably one of the best form of entertainment. We can have a lot of fun by just getting into their world and playing along. The laughter, movement and pleasure you get from playing with your kid is the best stress reliever. You will be amazed of how creative, energized and happy you will feel afterwards.
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Telling your children that they are important is not as powerful as showing it to them. Right now, playing is the most significant activity that occupies their life, so make sure you’re in it.

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